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Symbaroum - The Copper Crown | ISBN 9789187915161

Symbaroum - The Copper Crown

Embark on a gripping journey with 'Symbaroum - The Copper Crown', product code MUH50505. This adventure module is a continuation of the thrilling narratives set in the dark and mysterious world of Symbaroum, providing a perfect blend of story-driven gameplay and challenging encounters.

'The Copper Crown' is composed of three interlinked adventures that lead the players from bustling city streets to the darkest depths of the forest, culminating in a daring raid on a fortified ruin. Each adventure builds upon the last, creating a cohesive storyline that is both rich in lore and full of danger.

Features of The Copper Crown include:

  • Three intricately designed adventures that can be played separately or as a continuous campaign.
  • Detailed settings and descriptions that bring the world of Symbaroum to life.
  • Challenging encounters that test players' tactical skills and decision-making abilities.
  • New characters and creatures with complex backgrounds and motivations.
  • Opportunities for characters to develop and grow as they uncover hidden secrets and navigate trials.

The adventures within 'The Copper Crown' are designed to deepen the players' engagement with the world of Symbaroum, challenging them with new dilemmas and presenting them with opportunities to affect the storyline through their choices and actions. It's an ideal addition for Game Masters looking to expand their campaign and provide their players with an unforgettable experience.

Prepare your adventurers for the trials of 'The Copper Crown', where ancient secrets and political intrigue await. Will they rise to the challenge and claim the treasures that lie within, or will they fall to the dangers that lurk in the shadows?

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