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R TALSORIAN GAMES - 1994 Derek Quintanar



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Cyberpunk - Corporation Report 2020

Cyberpunk - Corporation Report 2020

Uncover the secrets of the megacorporations that dominate the landscape of the Cyberpunk universe in Corporation Report 2020. This sourcebook provides an in-depth analysis of the structure, influence, and inner workings of the most powerful entities in the game.

Gain a strategic advantage with detailed profiles on each corporation, understanding their motivations, strategies, and enemy corporations.

  • Corporate Profiles: Detailed descriptions of major corporations, including their history, power structure, and market influences.
  • Strategic Insights: Tactical information on corporate operations, alliances, and conflicts to aid players in navigating corporate-driven plots.
  • New Assets and Resources: Introduce new gear, assets, and cybernetic enhancements sponsored by these corporations into your campaign.
  • Plot Hooks and Scenarios: Engaging plot hooks and campaign ideas that revolve around corporate espionage, power struggles, and market dominance.

Corporation Report 2020 is essential for GMs and players who wish to deepen their understanding of the corporate landscape in Cyberpunk, offering tools and ideas to create complex corporate-driven storylines. Whether you're planning a hostile takeover or defending against a corporate war, this sourcebook is an invaluable resource for enhancing the narrative depth of your game.

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