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PARADIGM CONCEPTS - 2019 Henry Lopez



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Arcanis 5E - Sorcerous Pacts

Arcanis 5E - Sorcerous Pacts

Unlock the arcane mysteries and forbidden powers with Arcanis 5E - Sorcerous Pacts, a detailed guide designed for players and Dungeon Masters engaged in the high-fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition set within the Arcanis universe.

This supplement provides a deep dive into the art of making pacts with mystical entities, offering new opportunities for character development and campaign dynamics:

  • Extensive Pact Options: Explore a variety of pacts including those with ancient gods, demonic forces, and otherworldly entities, each providing unique powers and challenges.
  • Detailed Guidelines: Provides comprehensive rules and guidelines for integrating sorcerous pacts into your campaigns, ensuring a balanced and immersive experience.
  • New Spells and Abilities: Gain access to an array of new spells and abilities that are unique to the pact-bearer, enhancing both the complexity and capability of your characters.
  • Rich Lore: Delve into the lore of Arcanis as it relates to sorcerous pacts, including the history, motivations, and goals of those entities available for pacts.
  • Adventure Hooks: Utilize numerous adventure hooks that revolve around the themes of sorcery and pacts, perfect for creating engaging stories that keep players invested.

Whether you're looking to expand your character's power through dangerous alliances or introduce new plot elements to your campaigns, Arcanis 5E - Sorcerous Pacts provides the tools and information necessary to bring a new level of depth and intrigue to your game.

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