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WHITE WOLF - 2004 Ari Marmell, Dean Shomshak, and C. A. Suleiman



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Unleash Your Eternal Thirst with Vampire: The Requiem - Core Rulebook

Enter the shadowy world of the Kindred with Vampire: The Requiem - Core Rulebook, the essential guide for players and storytellers entering the World of Darkness. This comprehensive tome empowers you to take on the role of a vampire, struggling for survival and supremacy in a society hidden from human eyes.

With an ISBN of 9781588462473 and catalog number WW25000, this core rulebook plunges you into a modern Gothic narrative where your decisions carve the path between power, redemption, and your inhuman nature.

  • Discover the rich lore and society of the Kindred, the vampire clans that vie for control in the night.
  • Master the vampiric Disciplines, unique powers that provide both strength and curse to the creatures of the night.
  • Engage in a role-playing experience that emphasizes deep personal horror, exploring the eternal conflict of being both predator and person.
  • Create your own vampire saga with comprehensive storytelling guidelines that challenge the boundaries of morality and humanity.

Whether you're new to the World of Darkness or a seasoned vampire, the Vampire: The Requiem - Core Rulebook is your entry point to a life of darkness. Will you rise through the ranks of vampire society, or succumb to your own monstrous nature? Find out in this ultimate guide to being one of the undead.

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