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HOLISTIC DESIGN INC. - 1997 Bill Bridges, Sam Chupp, and Jackie Cassada



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Fading Suns - Weird Places

Product Number: FS227 | ISBN: 9781888906059

Weird Places is an essential sourcebook for fans and players of the Fading Suns role-playing game. With product number FS227 and ISBN 9781888906059, this guide whisks players away to the most bizarre and enigmatic corners of the Known Worlds and beyond.

Highlights of Weird Places:

  • Detailed descriptions of some of the most unusual and otherworldly locations in the Fading Suns universe.
  • Insights into the mysteries and dangers that lie within these strange sites, providing ample material for adventure and exploration.
  • New artifacts, creatures, and non-player characters that inhabit these locales, ready to challenge or assist the players.
  • Adventure hooks and plot ideas to help Game Masters create compelling stories centered around these weird places.
  • Guidelines on how the unique properties of these locations can affect gameplay and narrative.

Whether you're a Game Master looking to expand your campaign's horizons or a player eager for new adventures, Weird Places offers a treasure trove of inspiration for your Fading Suns journeys.

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