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WHITE WOLF - 1995 Graeme Davis, Mark Rein-Hagen, and Stewart Wieck



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Immerse Yourself in the Night with Vampire: The Masquerade 2E

Delve into the Eternal Struggle of the Kindred

Discover the nocturnal world of the vampires with Vampire: The Masquerade - Core Rulebook 2nd Edition. This foundational rulebook builds upon the gothic storytelling of its predecessor, inviting players to experience the intrigue and politics among vampires, known as Kindred, in a modern Gothic-Punk world.

What's Inside the Core Rulebook?

The 2nd Edition Core Rulebook provides everything you need to play:

  • A rich setting filled with mystery, horror, and political intrigue.
  • Comprehensive rules for creating and playing your own vampire characters.
  • Descriptions of the clans and sects that vie for power in the shadows.
  • Detailed information on the disciplines and powers unique to the Kindred.
  • Guidelines for storytelling the game and creating compelling chronicles.

This edition is celebrated for expanding the lore and refining the rules, offering an engaging experience for newcomers and veterans alike.

Embrace the Darkness

Whether you're a player looking to craft your vampire persona or a Storyteller eager to weave a tale of blood and betrayal, the Vampire: The Masquerade - Core Rulebook 2nd Edition is your gateway to a world where the night is alive with terrors and delights.

Become a Master of the Night

Seize control of your destiny in a world hidden within our own. Obtain your copy of Vampire: The Masquerade - Core Rulebook 2nd Edition and shape the fate of Kindred society!

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