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WHITE WOLF - 1997 Steve Kenson



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Changeling: The Dreaming - The Enchanted

Catalog Number: WW7008 | ISBN: 9781565047143

The Enchanted is a vital expansion for the Changeling: The Dreaming role-playing game, offering a deep dive into the lives and experiences of those mortals who find themselves caught between the mundane world and the magical realm of the Dreaming. With catalog number WW7008 and ISBN 9781565047143, this sourcebook reveals the secrets and struggles of the enchanted beings who straddle both realities.

Highlights of The Enchanted:

  • An in-depth look at the enchanted: mortals who have been given the gift of magic and glimpses into the Dreaming.
  • Guidelines for incorporating enchanted characters into your stories, whether as player characters or significant NPCs.
  • Stories and plot ideas to enrich your Changeling chronicles with the unique perspectives and challenges of the enchanted.
  • Mechanics and narrative tools for managing the balance between the mortal world and the enchantments that tug characters toward the Dreaming.

With The Enchanted, storytellers and players are equipped to explore the rich narrative potential that emerges when the ordinary is touched by the extraordinary. Expand the horizons of your Changeling: The Dreaming game and bring to life the tales of those who bridge the gap between two worlds.

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