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WHITE WOLF - 1999 Bryant Durrell and Edward MacGregor



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Unearth the Clandestine Conflicts with Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadow War

Delve into the Secret Strife of the Undead with Shadow War

In the eternal struggle for power, the night conceals more than it reveals. Vampire: The Masquerade - Shadow War, product number WW2903 and ISBN 9781565042278, offers a profound expansion to the classic World of Darkness setting, shedding light on the covert operations and hidden wars waged by the Kindred.

The supplement unveils:

  • Thorough insights into the strategies and tactics employed in the Kindred's secret battles, from espionage to outright warfare.
  • Guidelines for incorporating military and covert operations into your campaigns, enhancing the intrigue and danger.
  • A deep dive into the shadowy organisations and factions that pull the strings from the darkness.
  • New abilities, equipment, and allies that players can utilise in their quest for supremacy.

Shadow War is the ultimate companion for Storytellers seeking to weave complex narratives of conflict and conspiracy. Immerse your players in the clandestine battles that rage beneath the surface of the Kindred society and let the masquerade of shadows begin. Your chronicle will never be the same.

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