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FASA CORPORATION - 1997 Jonathan Szeto



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Shadowrun - Rigger 2

Shadowrun - Rigger 2

Enhance your Shadowrun gameplay with Rigger 2, the indispensable sourcebook for anyone playing as a rigger in the iconic cyberpunk RPG. This book dives into the complex world of drones and vehicle operations, crucial for high-stakes missions in the Shadowrun universe.

With Rigger 2, players gain access to expanded rules, new equipment, and innovative strategies for controlling vehicles and drones, providing a richer, more immersive experience for both riggers and their teammates.

  • Expanded Vehicle and Drone Rules: Comprehensive guidelines for operating and customizing a wide range of vehicles and drones.
  • Advanced Customization Options: Detailed options for modifying your rigs to fit any mission profile or personal style.
  • New Gear and Technologies: A plethora of new tools and technologies that elevate the capabilities of any aspiring rigger.
  • Rigger Tactics and Strategies: Expert advice on how to effectively utilize drones and vehicles in various combat and espionage scenarios.

Whether you're orchestrating a daring vehicular escape or coordinating a drone-led surveillance operation, Rigger 2 offers invaluable resources to enhance your control and effectiveness in the field. Prepare to take your place as a master of machines in the Shadowrun world!

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