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WHITE WOLF - 1993 Leigh Ann Hildebrand, Sam Chupp, Josh Timbrook, and John Cobb



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Engage with the Divine in Ars Magica - Pax Dei 3rd Edition

Discover the Divine Cosmos in Mythic Europe

Step into the celestial realms with Ars Magica - Pax Dei 3rd Edition (WW1021), the comprehensive guide to the forces of heaven and hell in the storied world of Ars Magica. Perfect for players and storytellers alike, this sourcebook details the powers and politics of angels and demons, enriching campaigns with divine encounters and infernal conflicts.

Key Features of Pax Dei:

  • A deep dive into the celestial hierarchy, offering detailed descriptions of angels and their roles in Mythic Europe.
  • Insight into the infernal realm, with information on demons and their dark machinations against humanity.
  • Rules for incorporating divine and infernal beings into your Ars Magica campaigns, including stats, abilities, and story hooks.
  • Guidelines for divine intervention, holy relics, and the creation of stories centered around the eternal struggle between good and evil.

Pax Dei opens up new horizons for your Ars Magica experience, allowing you to explore the themes of faith, heresy, and the supernatural like never before. Elevate your game to heavenly heights or plunge it into demonic depths with this essential sourcebook.

Product Number: WW1021
ISBN: 1565040430

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