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GDW - GAME DESIGNERS WORKSHOP - 1992 Gary Gygax and Dave Newton



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Dangerous Journeys: Mythus Magick - Unleash the Power of Magic

Dangerous Journeys: Mythus Magick - Master the Arcane

Deepen your understanding and use of magical forces in the Dangerous Journeys role-playing game with Dangerous Journeys: Mythus Magick. This supplement expands upon the core rules, offering an unparalleled variety of spells, enchantments, and arcane knowledge for players and game masters alike.

Explore the Mysteries of Mythus Magick:

  • An extensive spell list with hundreds of spells across various schools of magic.
  • Guidelines for spellcasting, magical item creation, and handling magical effects within the game.
  • New rules for magical combat, allowing for dynamic and strategic encounters.
  • In-depth lore on the role of magic in the world of Dangerous Journeys, enhancing narrative depth.

Whether you are weaving spells as a cunning enchanter or countering the dark arts as a vigilant mage-hunter, Dangerous Journeys: Mythus Magick is your essential guide to the wonders and perils of magic.

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Game Designers' Workshop (GDW) Product Code: GDW5002
ISBN: 1558781331

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