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WHITE WOLF - 1991 Tim Carroll and Ken Cliffe



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Unleash the Creatures of Legend with Ars Magica - Medieval Bestiary

Embark on a Journey with the Creatures of Myth

Discover the wonders and dangers of the animal kingdom in Mythic Europe with Ars Magica - Medieval Bestiary (WW1017), a comprehensive guide to the magical creatures that roam the lands, skies, and seas. This sourcebook is an indispensable resource for Storyguides and players alike, providing everything needed to incorporate legendary beasts into your Ars Magica campaigns.

Features of the Medieval Bestiary:

  • Detailed entries on a variety of mythical creatures, from the familiar dragons and unicorns to the obscure and bizarre.
  • Complete stat blocks for each creature, allowing for easy integration into your game sessions.
  • Fascinating lore and historical references that bring each beast to life within the context of Mythic Europe.
  • Storytelling tips and adventure hooks to help weave these creatures into your narratives, whether as fearsome adversaries or mysterious allies.

With Medieval Bestiary, your adventures in Ars Magica will be filled with encounters that spark the imagination and challenge your players. Prepare to bring the myths and legends of the medieval world to your tabletop with this essential collection of fantastical fauna.

Product Number: WW1017
ISBN: 1565040090

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