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HOLISTIC DESIGN INC. - 1997 Bill Bridges, Jackie Cassada, Sam Chupp, James Estes, Andrew Greenberg, Rustin Quaide, and Nicky Rea



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Unveil the Complexities of Humanity with Fading Suns - Sinners & Saints

Discover the Heroes and Villains of the Known Worlds

In Fading Suns - Sinners & Saints (FS233), players and Game Masters are introduced to a compendium of personalities that embody the best and worst of human nature within the vastness of space.

Intriguing Characters for Your Campaigns:

  • Profiles of notable individuals, from noble crusaders to dastardly pirates, each with their own stories and ambitions.
  • Extensive background details, motives, and secrets that can be used to enrich any campaign with complex characters.
  • Guidelines for incorporating these figures into your stories, whether as allies, adversaries, or something more ambiguous.
  • Ideas for character-driven plots and scenarios that delve into the moral quandaries of the Fading Suns universe.

Whether seeking inspiration for NPCs or looking for pre-generated characters for quick play, Sinners & Saints offers a treasure trove of creative potential. Challenge your morality, question your allegiances, and craft epic narratives with this essential sourcebook.

Product Number: FS233
ISBN: 9781888906110

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