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TRIDENT, INCORPORATED - 2018 John Snead, Aaron Link, and Jeff Tidball



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Delve into the Arcane Lore of Hedge Magic

Step off the beaten path and into the verdant wilds of Mythic Europe with Hedge Magic, a compelling sourcebook for the Ars Magica role-playing game. Discover the ancient rites and rustic spells that operate beyond the structured realm of Hermetic magic.

Within the Pages of Hedge Magic You Will Find:

  • An in-depth exploration of non-Hermetic magical traditions, rich with historical context and flavour.
  • Rules and guidelines for incorporating hedge wizards and their unique practices into your campaigns.
  • Descriptions of new characters, spells, and enchantments that embody the raw and untamed nature of hedge magic.
  • Story seeds and adventure ideas that can lead your troupe into the heart of the medieval European countryside and its hidden magical denizens.

Whether you're a Storyguide looking to expand your narrative horizons, or a player eager to harness the powers of the hedge witches, cunning folk, and wise ones, Hedge Magic offers a treasure trove of inspiration. It's an invitation to weave tales of charm and superstition, where the power of the hedge lies waiting to be tapped by the bold and the curious.

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ISBN: 1887801588
Product Number: AG0252

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