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GURPS - SUPERS 2E - 6017

GURPS - SUPERS 2E - 6017

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GURPS - Supers 2E

GURPS - Supers 2E

Unleash the full potential of superhero role-playing with GURPS Supers 2nd Edition, the definitive guide for crafting superhero-themed adventures in the Generic Universal RolePlaying System (GURPS). This edition enhances every aspect of superhero gameplay, from character design to epic battles against formidable villains.

GURPS Supers 2nd Edition provides a flexible yet robust framework for creating superheroes and villains, with detailed rules for powers, abilities, and the challenges of a superheroic life. Whether you're aiming to recreate the feel of classic comic books or innovate with your own vision of what a superhero can be, this guide has everything you need.

Key Features:

  • Diverse Powers and Abilities: A comprehensive system for customizing superpowers, ensuring that no two heroes or villains are exactly alike.
  • Character Creation: Guidelines for creating balanced, compelling characters with extraordinary abilities.
  • Adventure and Campaign Support: Tools and tips for Game Masters to create engaging, dynamic superhero stories and campaigns.
  • Conflict and Combat Rules: Specific rules that handle the unique aspects of superheroic combat, including large-scale destruction and complex power interactions.

GURPS Supers 2nd Edition is your go-to source for everything needed to run a high-powered superhero RPG campaign. It combines the depth of GURPS mechanics with the excitement and drama of superhero adventures, making it an essential purchase for fans of the genre.

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