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STEVE JACKSON GAMES - 1999 Steve Jackson, David Pulver, William Barton, and Lloyd Blanekenship

GURPS - SPACE - 6005

GURPS - SPACE - 6005

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GURPS - Space

GURPS - Space

Embark on epic interstellar adventures with GURPS Space, the ultimate guide for space exploration in the Generic Universal RolePlaying System (GURPS). Whether you are plotting a campaign among the stars or simply adding a spacefaring twist to your current game, this supplement is an essential resource.

GURPS Space provides detailed instructions and tools for creating everything from new alien civilizations to entire galaxies. It serves as both a sourcebook and a guide for Game Masters and players looking to expand their horizons into the vastness of space.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Star System Generation: Detailed rules for designing believable star systems and planets.
  • Alien Species Creation: Tools for creating diverse alien species with biological, cultural, and technological distinctiveness.
  • Advanced Spacecraft Design: Guidelines for constructing a variety of spacecraft, from small scout ships to massive capital ships.
  • Adventure and Campaign Ideas: Inspirational ideas and hooks for space-themed adventures and campaigns.

GURPS Space is designed to inspire and facilitate adventures that reach beyond the confines of Earth, offering endless possibilities for encounters with exotic locations, alien species, and complex interstellar politics. Enhance your GURPS campaigns with the depth and richness of outer space exploration.

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