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STEVE JACKSON GAMES - 2003 Jon Zeigler and William Stoddard



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GURPS - Blue Planet

Dive into the depths of future Earth's oceans with GURPS Blue Planet, a comprehensive adaptation of the original Blue Planet RPG for the Generic Universal RolePlaying System (GURPS). This setting offers a rich tapestry of ecological and political stories, set in the vast and mysterious aquatic environments of a future world.

In GURPS Blue Planet, players explore the complexities of an advanced aquatic planet, where humanity must balance technology, ecology, and societal issues on a world predominantly covered by ocean. The setting provides a unique blend of science fiction and ecological simulation, presenting challenges that range from deep-sea exploration to corporate and national conflicts over resources and territory.

Key Features:

  • Rich Ecological Setting: Detailed descriptions of the planet's ecosystems, flora, and fauna, encouraging environmental storytelling.
  • Political Intrigue: A complex world of corporate, national, and indigenous politics, providing a deep narrative backdrop for campaigns.
  • Technological and Biological Innovation: Guidelines for incorporating futuristic technologies and genetically engineered life forms into gameplay.
  • Adventure Hooks: Numerous scenarios and campaign ideas that delve into ecological, political, and ethical dilemmas.

GURPS Blue Planet is perfect for players and Game Masters who are looking for a science fiction adventure with a strong emphasis on ecological and political themes. It's a unique and engaging setting that pushes the boundaries of traditional science fiction RPGs, offering a world filled with intrigue and opportunity for exploration.

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