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HOLISTIC DESIGN INC. - 1997 Bill Bridges and Andrew Greenberg



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Discover the Rich Tapestry of the Fading Suns Universe

Step into the role of a noble, priest, merchant, or adventurer in the Fading Suns Core Rulebook (FS200), the foundational tome for one of the most evocative space fantasy roleplaying games of our time.

Essential Knowledge for the Starfaring Adventurer:

  • The complete ruleset for character creation, combat, and exploration in the Fading Suns universe.
  • A detailed setting introduction, outlining the major factions, planets, and mysteries awaiting across the stars.
  • Rich lore and background material to inspire players and Game Masters in crafting their unique tales.
  • Guidance on the themes and tones of the Fading Suns universe, from the grandiose struggles of empires to the personal quests for redemption and power.

With the Fading Suns Core Rulebook, you're not just playing a game but participating in a living, breathing universe brimming with possibilities. Forge alliances, battle ancient evils, and uncover lost secrets as you navigate a cosmos on the brink of darkness.

Product Number: FS200
ISBN: 1888906006

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