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WHITE WOLF - 1997 R. Martin, Neil Mick, and Jim Moore



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Changeling: The Dreaming - Dreams & Nightmares - WW7303

Changeling: The Dreaming - Dreams & Nightmares

Catalog Number: WW7303 | ISBN: 9781565047181

Dreams & Nightmares is a sourcebook for the Changeling: The Dreaming role-playing game. This reference, with catalog number WW7303 and ISBN 9781565047181, delves into the most mysterious and dangerous part of changeling lore: the landscape of dreams and the abyss of nightmares.

Highlights of Dreams & Nightmares:

  • Insightful exploration into the nature of dreams and their impact on both the mortal and fae worlds.
  • Detailed descriptions of dreamscapes, the fantastic and perilous realms created from the collective dreams of humanity.
  • Guidelines for navigating nightmares, including the fearsome creatures that dwell within and the dark reflections of the Dreaming.
  • Rules for the creation and use of chimera, the dream-born entities that can be allies, enemies, or something in between.
  • Storyteller advice for incorporating dreams and nightmares into Changeling chronicles, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.

With Dreams & Nightmares, Storytellers and players are invited to confront the wonders and horrors of the subconscious. This book provides rich material for crafting stories that tap into the primal fears and aspirations that dwell within the Dreaming.

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