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GREEN RONIN - 2017 Matthew Mercer and James Haeck



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Critical Role - Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting

Critical Role - Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting

Dive into the vibrant world of Exandria with the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting, a comprehensive sourcebook that brings to life the setting seen in the first campaign of the beloved series, Critical Role. This guide is crafted for fans and role-playing gamers who wish to explore the lands, history, and mysteries of Tal'Dorei themselves.

Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting offers an extensive look at the geography, politics, and culture of Tal'Dorei, a land ripe with adventure. Written with the insight of Critical Role's Dungeon Master, Matthew Mercer, this book provides everything needed to start your own campaign in the realms of Exandria, from detailed descriptions of various regions to intricate plots and powerful artifacts.

Key Features:

  • Detailed Regional Descriptions: Explore the diverse regions of Tal'Dorei, each with its own unique culture and history.
  • New Character Options: Introduces new backgrounds, classes, and feats tailored for a Tal'Dorei campaign.
  • Rich Lore and History: Delve into the deep lore of Tal'Dorei, learning about its leaders, legends, and lore.
  • Original Artwork: Features stunning illustrations that bring the world of Tal'Dorei to life.
  • Adventure Hooks: Numerous adventure ideas that can be used to kickstart your journey in Exandria.

Whether you're a fan of Critical Role looking to recreate the epic adventures seen on the show, or a Dungeon Master searching for a rich new world to run your next campaign, the Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting offers an invaluable treasure trove of creative possibilities. This guide ensures a thrilling introduction to the world of Exandria, igniting the imaginations of players and DMs alike.

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