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TROLL LORD GAMES - 2012 James M. Ward, Cory M. Caserta, Peter Bradley, Jason Walton, and Sarah Walker



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Castles and Crusades - Of Gods & Monsters - TLG80171

Castles and Crusades - Of Gods & Monsters - TLG80171

Explore the realms of the divine and the terrifying with Castles and Crusades: Of Gods & Monsters, a detailed expansion for the Castles and Crusades fantasy role-playing game. This volume delves into the lore of gods, demigods, heroes, and monstrous foes that populate the game's expansive universe.

This sourcebook provides Dungeon Masters and players with a rich tapestry of mythology to incorporate into their campaigns. Whether creating complex pantheons with intricate relationships or summoning legendary monsters to challenge adventurous players, this guide offers a wealth of creative possibilities.

Of Gods & Monsters includes:

  • Detailed profiles and backgrounds for various deities and their cults, giving depth to the religions and traditions within the game world.
  • A plethora of monstrous entries with complete stats, background information, and encounter tips to enhance your gaming sessions.
  • Guidelines for incorporating these divine beings and creatures into your campaigns, ensuring they add excitement and narrative depth.
  • Inspiration for creating sacred quests or divine trials that can lead to blessings, curses, or other supernatural effects on players.

The book also explores the moral and ethical dilemmas that characters may face when dealing with beings of immense power, adding layers of complexity to the role-playing experience.

Whether you're a seasoned Dungeon Master looking to broaden the scope of your narrative or a player eager to interact with the divine, Of Gods & Monsters is an essential addition to your Castles and Crusades collection.

ISBN: 9780984415571

Product Code: TLG80171

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