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FASA CORPORATION - 1989 James D. Long



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Shadowrun - Bottled Demon

Shadowrun - Bottled Demon

Embark on a perilous quest with Shadowrun: Bottled Demon, an adventure module that combines the futuristic urban sprawl and mystical elements unique to the Shadowrun universe. Players will find themselves entangled in a complex plot involving a mysterious artifact that holds more than just secrets.

This module provides a ready-to-play adventure that challenges both new and veteran players. Dive into a world where magic and technology intertwine, leading to unpredictable consequences.

  • Engaging Plot: Explore a narrative filled with corporate intrigue, magical mysteries, and high-stakes action.
  • Detailed Adventure Settings: The module includes fully described locations and scenarios that are ready to integrate into any ongoing campaign.
  • Complex Characters: Interact with well-developed characters, each with their own motivations and secrets, adding depth to the gameplay.
  • Magic and Technology: Encounter unique challenges and opportunities where the use of both magic and technology will be crucial to success.

Shadowrun: Bottled Demon is designed to provide an immersive and challenging experience for players, offering a perfect blend of mystery, adventure, and cyberpunk elements. Whether you're decoding the ancient powers of the artifact or navigating the dangerous politics of megacorporations, prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

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