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PALADIN - CORE RULEBOOK - 9781568824888

PALADIN - CORE RULEBOOK - 9781568824888

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Paladin - Core Rulebook: Your Quest Begins Here

Discover the Chivalric World with Paladin - Core Rulebook

Take up the sword and shield and enter the legendary world of King Arthur with the Paladin Core Rulebook. This comprehensive guide provides everything you need to role-play the knights of Arthurian lore, complete with a unique system that captures the spirit of chivalry and valor.

Key Features of the Paladin Core Rulebook:

  • An immersive chivalric system that prioritizes honor, glory, and courtly conduct.
  • Detailed character creation that allows players to become knights of legend, complete with lineages, heraldry, and quests.
  • Robust mechanics for jousting, tournaments, and melee combat that bring the trials of knighthood to life.
  • Extensive lore and background information on Arthurian Britain, providing a rich setting for storytelling and adventure.

In the Paladin - Core Rulebook, you will find a world filled with magic, myth, and the opportunity to carve your name into the annals of history. Whether you're a valiant knight, a cunning lady, or a wise mage, your path is yours to choose—and your story is yours to tell.

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ISBN: 9781568824888

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