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WHITE WOLF - 2004 White Wolf Game Studio



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Embrace the Shadows with The World of Darkness - Core Rulebook

ISBN: 9781588464767

Catalog Number: WW55000

Step into a reality veiled in darkness and populated by beings that lurk on the fringes of human awareness with The World of Darkness - Core Rulebook. This essential tome serves as the foundational guide for players and Storytellers venturing into the richly detailed and deeply immersive setting of the World of Darkness.

The core rulebook introduces a world much like our own but shrouded in supernatural mystery. It is a place where the myths and legends of humanity hide in plain sight, where creatures of the night exist alongside the oblivious masses. In the World of Darkness, the line between the real and the unimaginable is razor-thin, and the truth is often stranger and more terrifying than fiction.

This essential guide provides:

- An overview of the World of Darkness, outlining the themes, mood, and setting that distinguish this world from our everyday reality.
- Rules for creating and playing mortal characters caught up in the hidden supernatural dramas that play out in the shadows.
- A versatile system for storytelling and role-playing that focuses on narrative and character-driven action.
- Insights into the secret societies, occult mysteries, and otherworldly powers that exist just beyond the veil of the mundane.
- Guidance for Storytellers on how to weave tales of horror, suspense, and personal drama that will leave players questioning the nature of reality.

"The World of Darkness - Core Rulebook" is the gateway to a universe where the supernatural is real, and nothing is as it seems. It provides a sandbox for creativity, allowing players and Storytellers to explore the depths of their imagination and to craft stories that resonate with the primal fears and aspirations of humanity.

Will you uncover the hidden truths of the World of Darkness, or will you become yet another soul lost in its infinite shadows? The core rulebook is your first step into a larger, darker world waiting to be discovered.

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