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R TALSORIAN GAMES - 1994 Derek Quintanar



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Cyberpunk - Rough Guide to the U.K.

Cyberpunk - Rough Guide to the U.K.

Immerse yourself in the gritty and dystopian future of the United Kingdom with Cyberpunk - Rough Guide to the U.K.. This detailed sourcebook expands the Cyberpunk universe, providing a rich backdrop for stories of high-tech intrigue and dark political dramas set in a re-imagined Britain.

From the neon-lit streets of London to the cyber-enhanced landscapes of Scotland, this guide delves into the unique aspects of the UK as envisioned in the world of Cyberpunk. It's an essential tool for players and Game Masters alike looking to bring a distinctly British flavor to their campaigns.

  • Detailed Regional Descriptions: Explore the futuristic versions of iconic UK locations, each with its own character and story possibilities.
  • New Characters and Factions: Introduce your players to new NPCs and dangerous factions specific to the UK Cyberpunk setting.
  • Unique Technological Gear: Gear up with cutting-edge cybernetic enhancements and tech that reflect the innovative spirit of the UK in the Cyberpunk world.
  • Plot Hooks and Scenarios: Jumpstart your adventure with ready-to-use plot hooks and detailed scenarios that integrate seamlessly into the broader Cyberpunk RPG.

Whether you're planning a high-stakes heist in the shadowy alleys of Manchester or navigating the corporate espionage of tech giants in Cambridge, Cyberpunk - Rough Guide to the U.K. offers a wealth of material to enrich your game. Prepare to redefine the future as you dive into the cybernetic heart of the United Kingdom!

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