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R TALSORIAN GAMES - 1994 Derek Quintanar



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Cyberpunk - Protect & Serve

Cyberpunk - Protect & Serve

Step into the boots of law enforcement in the gritty world of Cyberpunk with Protect & Serve. This sourcebook provides a detailed look at the life, tools, and challenges of police officers in a high-tech, dystopian society where every decision can have life-altering implications.

Equip yourself with the knowledge and gear necessary to maintain order and enforce the law in an increasingly chaotic world.

  • Detailed Exploration of Law Enforcement: Gain insights into the structure, tactics, and daily risks faced by officers in the Cyberpunk universe.
  • New Gear and Technologies: Access a range of advanced equipment and technology designed specifically for law enforcement professionals.
  • Complex Scenarios: Engage in scenarios that challenge your moral compass and tactical skills in equal measure.
  • Character Development: Detailed guidelines for creating and developing law enforcement characters, including background options and career paths.

Protect & Serve is an essential sourcebook for players and GMs looking to create and engage with characters on the front lines of law enforcement. Whether you're patrolling the neon-lit streets or engaging in high-stakes negotiations, this book offers a comprehensive toolkit for portraying authentic law enforcement scenarios in the Cyberpunk RPG.

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