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WIREFRAME PRODUCTIONS - 1997 Joseph Cochran, Ronald Jarrell, Charles Ryan, Zeke Sparkes, and David Martin



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Babylon 5 - The Babylon Project: Official Role-Playing Game

Babylon 5 - The Babylon Project Role-Playing Game

Immerse yourself in the universe of the groundbreaking science fiction series with Babylon 5 - The Babylon Project, the official role-playing game. Assume the role of a human, Minbari, Narn, or any of the other races from the show and partake in interstellar diplomacy, trade, and conflict within the Babylon 5 universe.

Features of The Babylon Project RPG:

  • Officially licensed content closely aligned with the "Babylon 5" series narrative and setting.
  • Diverse character creation options allowing players to explore the rich backstories and cultures of the series' various races.
  • Complex political and social dynamics for a deep and engaging role-playing experience.
  • Unique system mechanics designed to reflect the realities of life in the Babylon 5 space station and the larger universe.

Join the ranks of the Earthforce, engage in trade with the Centauri Republic, or uncover ancient secrets with the mysterious Vorlons. The Babylon Project offers countless hours of adventure and exploration, capturing the essence of the beloved TV show.

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ISBN: 1887990054

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