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WHITE WOLF - 2008 Chuck Wendig



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Stand Against the Shadows with Hunter: The Vigil - Core Rulebook

ISBN: 9781588467188

Catalog Number: WW55550

Delve into the gritty world of humanity's defenders with the "**Hunter: The Vigil - Core Rulebook**," a cornerstone of the World of Darkness series. This essential guidebook equips players with the tools to take on the role of a Hunter, one of the brave souls who have recognized the true horrors lurking in the night and have taken up the cause to fight against them.

In "Hunter: The Vigil," you are no supernatural being with powers to rival the creatures of the darkness; you are human, vulnerable but determined. With conviction as your strongest weapon, you join the secret struggle to protect an unsuspecting world from the monsters that prey upon it.

This core rulebook provides everything you need to start your journey:

- An introduction to the life of a Hunter, including the various compacts and conspiracies that Hunters may join in their war against darkness.
- A comprehensive system for creating Hunter characters, including unique Endowments that empower them to stand toe-to-toe with their supernatural foes.
- Detailed setting information that paints a picture of the World of Darkness through the eyes of those who hunt its terrors.
- A robust storytelling system that emphasizes investigation, preparation, and survival, challenging players to think creatively about how they confront the unknown.
- Guidelines for Storytellers on how to craft compelling campaigns that explore the themes of fear, heroism, and the cost of waging a secret war.

"Hunter: The Vigil - Core Rulebook" is not just about the monsters; it's about what it means to be human in a world where darkness is real and most people are blind to it. As a Hunter, you'll face insurmountable odds and confront horrors that defy comprehension, all while clinging to your humanity.

Will you light the way in the darkness, or will the vigil consume you? Gather your wits, your weapons, and your willpower, for the hunt has just begun.

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